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Performance vs. Time: a Congenial Equilibrium Is Non-Existent

Pushpita Saha

A sharp increase or a drastic fall, our productivity largely depends on the factors that constitute our day. Working from home and adapting to the new normal where the only connection you’ve is WiFi can add up to this stressful situation.  
In trying times like this, never question your self-worth and refrain from comparing your present efficiency to the past days. A terrible day at work neither invalidates your powerful past performance nor does it indicate signs of future incompetency. Dreadful emotions from previous mistakes often become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It drags you to the downward spiral of negative feelings where you induce yourself to think that you’re failing. To escape from this, you should just focus on doing your best at the moment and forget the rest.
Remember that life’s a roller-coaster journey where ups and downs are a common phenomenon for every one of us. It’s okay if your day is slightly different today. What matters is the undeniable zeal for reaching new peaks because tomorrow’s a new day.

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